The agreement of co-financing the investment projects of the Company by EFRR (European Regional Development Fund)

Next year on Koleje Mazowieckie routes there will appear another comprehensively modernized trains and, first of all, the rolling stock will increase by 11 modern locomotives for double-decker carriages. Thanks to them there will be a chance to take full advantage of its technical possibilities – launching the push-pull trains. Today Masovia authorities and the company „Koleje Mazowieckie – KM” representatives signed agreements on so-called crucial projects from EU funds. The value of both investments amounts to over 408.8 million zlotych, including the bailout of over 166.8 million.

Thanks to the modern locomotives it will be possible to use the „push-pull” technology with double-decker carriages. There will be new currently modernized lines included, e.g. E-65 Warsaw – Ciechanów. It will also contribute to the elimination of expanses related to the rental of used locomotives from the outside company, which have been exploited since 2008. Using the new locomotives will shorten time of travelling by double-decker carriages. A train using the push-pull technology coming one way is traditionally pulled and coming back is pushed by a locomotive, but a train is steered from a steering carriage which is at the end of a stock. It enables to change the direction quickly with no need to uncouple and move a locomotive and, consequently, to organize transport to those terminal stations where there is no possibility to shunt locomotives.

On the 20th of April this year Koleje Mazowieckie signed the agreement with the company Bombardier Transportation GmbH on the purchase of 11 two-cabin electric locomotives TRAXX P160 DC used to run the drift of passenger trains consisting of double-decker carriages. They will have arrived to KM by June 2011.

The company „Koleje Mazowieckie” has been modernizing the rolling stock since the very beginning – since 2005. The improvement of the technical condition, the comfort and the esthetitcs of railway vehicles is one of the KM's priorities. Thanks to the investments there are more and more people choosing the offer of the company. Today the company Koleje Mazowieckie is the second passenger carrier in the country considering the number of passengers (over 51 million in 2009). It is also an unquestioned leader taking into account the number of a modern rolling stock.

- Realization of the investment will enable to modernize the rolling stock and to purchase new railway vehicles thus it will influence on improving the quality of the service. Koleje Mazowieckie is already the most modern railway carrier in Poland cosidering the amount of modern rolling stock – says Artur Radwan, Chairman of the Board of Koleje Mazowieckie.

In total in 2007-2011 there will be around 150 EMU modernized. The renewed rolling stock can be used even for the next 15-20 years. The modernization will include technical elements related to the improvement of the construction and solutions improving the travel conditions. The main suspension systems, the traction systems EMU, the steering systems, the equipment of a driver's cab as well as the equipment of the passenger part of a train will be changed.


Detailed information about the projects:

  • The title of the project: The purchase of 11 new two-cabin electric locomotives intended to run the drift of passenger bidirectional trains consisting of push-pull carriages and providing the services for four years from the day of receiving each locomotive and the training of the ordering employees”
  • Total value: 204 505 169.36 zlotych
  • Total amount of the bailout: 83 813 594.00 zlotych, including:

          - European Regional Development Fund bailout - 71 241 554.90 zlotych,

          - Budget grants - 12 572 039.10 zlotych.

  • The title of the project: Modernization of electric multiple units
  • Total value: 204 355 850.00 zlotych
  • Total amount of the bailout: 83 068 022.54 zlotych, including:

          - European Regional Development Fund bailout - 70 607 819.15 zlotych,

          - Budget grants – 12 460 203.39 zlotych.


The agreement was signed by the Marshal of the Mazovian Voivodeship – Adam Struzik and Deputy Marshal – Ludwik Rakowski, who represented the Mazovian Voivodeship Government and the Chairman of the Board of Koleje Mazowieckie – Artur Radwan and the Board member and the Finance Director of Koleje Mazowieckie – Arkadiusz Olewnik

The company „Koleje Mazowieckie – KM” sp. z o.o. (ltd.) is realizing two crucial investment projects. It was co-financed withing the Priority III of the Regional transport system, Measure 3.2 „Regional Public Transport” of the Regional Operation Programmee of the Mazovian Voivodeship 2007-2013.


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