Airport Ticket - Special offer


The price of a single one way ticket in the Airport Ticket offer, which consists of a train and bus transit on a route Center *) - Modlin Airport (or in the opposite direction) is 20.00 PLN. The ticket enables travelling by the public transport within the ZTM Ticket Zone I on the day the ticket is valid in a period of 75 minutes from starting from the time:

  • entered by the passenger on the ticket in a legible and permanent manner;
  • entered in the mobile app,

in the designated place.

At the same time we would like to inform that the passengers who wish to use the Warsaw Metro as part of the travel with an Airport Ticket should use elevators to the metro platforms or should obtain a free metro ticket at one of the Passenger Service Centres.

The price of a one way ticket for a KM Bus operating the route: Modlin Railway Station - Modlin Airport (or in the opposite direction) is 6.30 PLN.

Fee for travelling via a KM train on route Warsaw - Modlin Airport, when utilizing the Airport Ticket Special Offer on basis of a personal monthly "there and back" ticket is 267,80 PLN.

*) Centre is to be understood as all railway stations located within the city of Warsaw.

Ticket Prices

The ticket prices are presented in the Annex to the Pricing Tariff (TP-KM):

1) one way - Table 67;

2) personal seasonal zone tickets - Table 68.

Terms and Conditions of the special offer are detailed i the Pricing Tariff of Koleje Mazowieckie.