The Masovian card

The company „Koleje Mazowieckie – KM” sp. z o.o. (ltd.) is introducing a pilot scheme „the Masovian card”, as a modern ticket carrier. The project includes 5000 pieces of cards. 

„The Masovian card” is a new kind of a Koleje Mazowieckie ticket carrier in eletronic form saved to a proximity card. The electronic system is based on a microprocessor card according to the standard ISO/IEC 14443 for Koleje Mazowieckie tickets and the emulation MIFARE Classic.

Karta Mazowiecka - awers i rewers

The aim of the new ticket carriers is to improve tha quality of service.

To the Masovian card you can save the following tickets:

1) network personal (daily, three-day, monthly, quarterly, one-year);

2) one-way personal (weekly, two-week, monthly, quarterly);

3) zonal personal (commuter pass, monthly, quarterly);

4) season;

5) issued according to the special offers applying on trains;

6) single.

To the Masovian card apart from the KM tickets you can also save ZTM (Warsaw Transport Authority) tickets according to the rules standing in the Warsaw transportation tariff.

Buying the tickets through the Masovian card is possible at the ticket desks which have a payment terminal and in the ticket vending machines.

The list of the ticket desks and the ticket vending machines

 There are 12 Customer Service Offices prepared for the Masovian card usage – they are marked through the information at the cash desk. They take applications, issue Masovian cards and serve passengers and card users.  

Zdjęcie naklejki znajdującej się przy przy kasach, w których znajduje się Punkt Obsługi Klienta Karty Mazowieckiej






Customer Service Offices are located at the following railway stations:

1) Warsaw East Station (Lubelska street 24);

2) Warsaw Wileńska (Targowa street 72);

3) Warsaw Gdańska (Z. Słomińskiego street 6);

4) Warsaw Śródmieście platform 1 (Al. Jerozolimskie street50);

5) Warsaw Śródmieście platform 3 (Al. Jerozolimskie street 50);

6) Otwock (Orla street 1);

7) Radom (Plac Dworcowy street 2);

8) Żyrardów (Piłsudskiego street 1);

9) Grodzisk Mazowiecki (1-go Maja street 4);

10) Sochaczew (Sienkiewicza street 5);

11) Ciechanów (Sienkiewicza street 73);

12) Siedlce (S. Zdanowskiego street 1).

"The general conditions of issuing and using a Masovian card"

Acquainting oneself with “The general conditions of issuing and using a Masovian card”, expressing consent for personal data processing and submitting an application for issuing a Masovian card enable to access the pilot scheme and issue a personal card.

After printing an appliaction from the website and filling it in correctly one can submit it at any KM ticket desk as well as send it by post to the following address:

„Koleje Mazowieckie – KM” sp. z o.o.

ul. Lubelska 26

03-802 Warszawa

with a note: „Centrum Obsługi Klienta”.

The application form

The main difference for travellers connected with introducing Masovian cards is a form of a ticket itself. It is no longer a paper ticket, but a comfortable electronic carrier, to which one can save several KM tickets as well as ZTM Warsaw tickets.

We invite you to the pilot website, where you can find information about the Masovian card. On this website you can:

1) create an account and apply for a card;

2) log in to an account on the basis of a card number and a PIN number generated during the issuing a card;

3) check card's history;

4) find information and news about the Masovian card.

All the problems related to using the Masovian card please report to the following e-mail address: with a card number and a detailed description.

Benefits of having the Masovian card:

  1. a modern ticket carrier resistant to damage and destruction;
  2. no obligation to have an ID card during a ticket inspection;
  3. no obligation to upload the personal data to a personal ticket;
  4. one carrier, which can carry even 6 valid tickets;
  5. a possibility to code ZTM tickets as well;
  6. a possibility to block a card in case of losing it and recover a ticket through obtaining a card duplicate;
  7. a simple way to purchase another ticket thanks to the function “renew the contract”;
  8. the size of a card is the same as a bank card, so it can be safely hidden with other cards.