By the ticket vending machine

The ticket vending machines of Koleje Mazowieckie


From 25 June 2013 passengers using the service of the company „Koleje Mazowieckie – KM”, sp. z o.o. (ltd.) have at their disposal a new distribution line of the tickets, i.e. 84 ticket vending machines. Mentioned above devices are operated by the company ASEC S.A. (joint-stock company), which for more than one year has been cooperating with Koleje Mazowieckie in different fields, particularly in upgrading and diversifying the sales coverage of the tickets.

In comparison to other similar railway devices ticket vending machines have a lot of new functions. Apart from the most basic one, i.e. the ticket sales (one-off, time-limited, season, personal) one can use the „infokiosk”. Using the website of Koleje Mazowieckie, which was specifically created for the ticket machines, traveller is getting the access to e.g. the train timetables, news in a company offer, difficulties in railway movement. Ticket vending machines accept the following forms of payment: cashless (chip and prox payment cards) and cash (banknotes and coins). The service is around-the-clock.

The use of the ticket machines is very simple – on a touch screen you choose the first station, the target one and alternatively the way stations. You also have to provide the date and time of the journey (you can also purchase the tickets in presale) and the concession, if the passenger has the right to tickets at a reduced rate. It is worth noting that the journey does not have to start at the same station where the ticket machine is located. After the ticket purchase you should check if the data are correct.

The ticket vending machines of KM are situated on the railway stations with the biggest traffic volume, in places easily available for passengers.

List of the ticket vending machines 

Thanks to the ticket vending machines passengers using the service of the company „Koleje Mazowieckie – KM” do not have to queue up at the ticket counters and consequently they save a lot of time.

The instructional film - How to use a ticket vending machine

All the problems related to working or using the particular ticket machines should be reported to:






Centrum metro station 2009C

00-110 Warszawa


Opening hours: 9:00 -18:00

Monday - Friday


ph.: +48 22 620 0 100 - between: 9:00 - 18:00

mob.: +48 602 280 562 – other hours



Above information you can find in every ticket machine in the form of a label.

In case of reporting a problem please provide the following information which will help us identify the device: the number of a machine, location, time of the ticket purchase.

How to proceed in case of the ticket machine malfunction? (in Polish)