Complaints about the quality of the service, staff attitude and behavior, the non-compliance by Koleje Mazowieckie with the transport agreement or other issue for which Koleje Mazowieckie takes responsibility, should be made within 7 days after the date of an incident and should contain the detailed description of an incident (including the date, the place, the train number, the direction, the departure time, the conductor's number, the guard's or the inspector's number, etc.).

Complaints can be made:

1. by post to the following postal address:

„Koleje Mazowieckie-KM” sp. z o.o.
Wydział Windykacji
ul. Lubelska 24
03-802 Warszawa

2. by e-mail:;

3. over the phone: 22 364 44 44 (the call center);

4. at the ticket desks;

5. in person at Koleje Mazowieckie Headquarters: 26 Lubelska street in Warsaw.

We should also like to note that we do not response to complaints which do not contain: the full name (the company name) of a complainant, the full postal address, as well as words and expressions which are generally considered to be vulgar or offensive. A passenger has a right to make a complaint about the non-compliance with the carriage agreement along with the demand to compensate the damage done through the travel refund, covering the documented material losses or the compansation in other form consistent with a carrier business profile.

A complaint can be made:

- at every KM departure station;

- in person at KM Headquarters;

- by post to the following postal address:

„Koleje Mazowieckie-KM” sp. z o.o.
Biuro Zarządu
ul. Lubelska 26
03-802 Warszawa.


A complaint should contain:

- the date of issue;

- the name and the location of Koleje Mazowieckie;

- the full name and the postal address of a complainant;

- the title and the justification;

- the amount to be refunded (separately for each carriage document) and, optionally, the bank account number, to which KM should transfer the charge in case of recognizing the complaint;

- the list of attached documents (explaining the reason of making a complaint);

- the signature of a person who is entitled to make a complaint.


The passenger should attach to a complaint the original documents associated with the carriage agreement (in particular the original ticket) according to the chose in action along with the other copies of the documents, certified by an authorized KM employee, an expositor or a notary, associated with the kind of a complaint, including the documents certifying the right to have a concession fare.

According to Article 24, Section 1 in Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 we inform that personal data of a person making a complaint or a claim are administrated by „Koleje Mazowieckie – KM” sp. z o. o. (ltd.) with the Headquarters at 26 Lubelska street, 03-802 Warsaw. Personal data will be processed for the purpose of examining a complaint or a claim on the basis of the Ordinance of the Minister of Transport and Construction of 24 February 2006 on determining the status of a parcel and the complaint procedure as well as KM Transport rules. People whose personal data are processed have a right to access the data and correct them.

In case of putting into a complaint or a claim the information about the health condition or attaching a document containing the information about the health condition it is necessary to give consent for processing by „Koleje Mazowieckie – KM”, sp. z o.o. (ltd.) with the Headquarters at 26 Lubelska street, 03-802 Warsaw personal data concerning the health condition for the purposes of examining and responding to the complaint.

In case of non-agreement of processing personal data concerning the health condition, these personal data will be deleted by the administrator and they will not be taken into consideration while examining the subject of proceedings. Statements should be submitted according to the attached template.

After exhaustion of the complaint procedure a passenger can appeal to:

Office of Rail Transport
Al. Jerozolimskie 134
02-305 Warszawa


Helpline number: 801 044 080 or 22 460 40 80 – open from Monday to Friday between 8.15 a.m. and 4.15. p.m.

E-mail address: