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By the ticket vending machine

The ticket vending machines of Koleje Mazowieckie

Since 25 June 2013, a new ticket distribution channel has been available to passengers using the services of the Masovian Railways – KM sp. z o.o. - 104 ticket machines. The said equipment is operated by ASEC S.A., which is part of the Vector Software Group and cooperates with the Masovian Railways on various levels, particularly with regard to the modernisation and expansion of the ticket sales network.

The ticket machines offer multiple functions. In addition to the most basic one, namely the sale of tickets (single-use tickets, timed zone tickets, season tickets and personalised network tickets), they also offer an 'information kiosk' function. By using the website dedicated to ticket machines, the Masovian Railways' passengers gain access to, among others: the train timetable and updates on the company's offer. The ticket machines offer two forms of payment: cashless (contact and contactless payment cards) and cash (banknotes and coins). Some of the devices only support cashless payments. The service is available to passengers 24 hours a day.

Operation of the ticket machines is very simple – select the departure station, the destination station and potential intermediate stations along the route on the touchscreen. You must also enter the date and time of the journey (tickets can be purchased in advance) and the reduction if the traveller is eligible for reduced fares. Please note that the journey does not necessarily need to start at the station where the ticket machine is located. When you have collected your ticket, be sure to check that the details on the ticket match your selection.

KM ticket machines are located at train stops and stations with the highest passenger traffic, in areas easily accessible to passengers.

List of the ticket vending machines 

Thanks to the ticket machines, passengers using the services of the Masovian Railways - KM sp. z o.o. do not need to queue at ticket offices, which means that purchasing a ticket at the ticket machine saves the passengers' time.

The instructional film - How to use a ticket vending machine

Please report any problems with the functionality and operation of individual ticketing machines at the following address:

Stacja Metra Centrum lok. 2009C, Pasaż Handlowy
00-110 Warszawa

Open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday

Telephone number for complaints: (+48) 801 789 405*

*rate as per the operator's tariff

Technical support: (+48) 22 123 82 02



The above data can be found on all ticket machines on a sticker.

At the time of reporting a problem, you should provide information to identify the device, such as: ticket machine number, location, time of ticket purchase.

Proceeding in case of a ticket machine failure.